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Certifications and Affiliations

TSSA Certified Gas & Steam Pipe Fitters

TSSA Certification for B31.1 & B31.3 Piping Systems

TSSA Certification for Hydrogen High Pressure Systems

Red Seal Millwrights
Steam Fitters

CWB Certified for both Steel and Stainless Steel

About Eastern Welding

Eastern Welding began its operation in 1983 in Summerstown, Ontario and has grown to become a multi-trade contracting firm specializing in mechanical, structural & miscellaneous metals projects in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

The company operates as either the lead project manager/prime contractor or as a subcontractor on negotiated or tendered projects. Projects are typically located in Eastern Ontario and our fabrication shop supplies finished mechanical, structural and specialty assemblies throughout Ontario, Quebec, New York State as well as select offshore markets.

Our staff has extensive experience working on a variety of projects, including structural steel infrastructure, architectural stainless steel, and mechanical/industrial systems. We can provide project management, engineering, drafting, and planning expertise, working closely with both on-site contractors and sub-trades.

Mission Statement

To Provide quality goods and services in order to become our client's preferred mechanical and structural contractor. Eastern Welding will create and maintain a positive work environment for all employees in order to promote the autonomy and growth of each individual employee to the highest level of their capabilities.